Effective April 3rd, 2021, Osteopathic care has been suspended indefinitely once again due to Official Covid lockdown. We hope to be open once again very soon. 

À partir du 3 avril, 2021, les soins ostéopathiques sont à nouveaux interdits en Ontario en réponse aux protocols officiels en lien à la Covid. Nous espérons pouvoir vous servir à nouveaux sous peu.

Due to risk of COVID-19, we require all patients who are sick, or experiencing symptoms such as fever, trouble breathing, coughing to reschedule your appointment. During this time we will be waiving our customary fees for late cancellations and rescheduling.

Étant donné les risques associés à la COVID-19, nous exigeons que vous annuliez votre rendez-vous si vous êtes malades, avez de nouveaux troubles respiratoires ou une toux. Durant cette période, les frais d'annulation pour raison de maladie ne seront pas appliqués.


Osteopathy is a global approach to the body. It addresses issues of muscle and joint pain, headaches and organ functions by seeking the root cause and treating bones, joints, fascia, muscles, ligaments organs or the cranium.

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Reasons to consult in osteopathy

  • Accute pain or chronic pain

  • General health management

  • Organ function

  • Pre and post natal care

  • Labor preperation and coaching

  • Newborns and toddlers

  • Teenagers and braces

  • Sport performance

Gentle manual therapy for babies, children, adults and seniors

Concussion Testimonial

" Since our appointment this afternoon several awesome things have happened:  my breathing is smoother and less labored, reading is a lot easier, my thoughts are more fluid and less muddy than usual. I feel more myself then I’ve felt in an entire year. Thank you so much this is all very exciting."

- Professional Football Player - one year after a concussion injury

Gentle manual techniques to relsease joint blockages
children and infants comfortable with osteoapthic care
Meet Maryse ...
Founder of Ottawa family Osteopathy


I deeply believe that the more tools we have the more chances we have of addressing the underlying causes of symptoms, which are different for each person. I believe in multi-disciplinary work and in my practice, I collaborate with other experts who can offer complementary perspectives and treatments.

Through osteopathy, I work to help people on their path towards healthier lives...