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Why See an Osteopath

Reasons to consult:

  • General health maintenance

  • Joint pain

  • Injuries: sports, repetitive work-related movements, car accidents

    1. whip-lash: osteopathy is highly successful at treating symptoms related to whip-lash, even if the trauma occurred years before. This is because we work on the dura (conjunctive tissue found inside the cranium and spine, which is almost always very tight after whip lash).

  • Chronic pain (joint, muscular, neurological, etc.)

  • Migraines and head-aches

  • Organ dysfunctions related to:

    1. digestion

    2. lungs

    3. repetitive infections (ears, lungs, etc.)

    4. gynecology

    5. urology

    6. circulatory issues (varicose veins, water retention)

  • Certain behavioral issues, learning disabilities, concentration or memory loss

  • Pregnancy (pre and post birth)

    1. treatment of various pains during pregnancy

    2. assessment of structures in preparation for the baby`s passage at birth

    3. correction of any displacements from the birth

    4. treatment of tensions due to episiotomy or tearing scars

  • Treatment of babies following the birth (see Infants in menu bar)

  • Pre or post surgery consultation

  • Pre or post-vaccination follow-up

  • Optimizing athletic performance

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* Osteopathy should always be considered as a complementary practices and should not replace family physicians, paediatricians or specialists. Ideally, collaborative work between osteopaths and other health practitioners should be envisaged.

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