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Birthing Tips Coaching session

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Coaching birthing tips

1 hr 30 mins 

Great for expecting mothers and the person accompanying them during labor, be it their partner, friend or Dula. Learn how a mother can position herself in various ways to facilitate the baby's passage through the birth canal, help the baby reposition, trouble shoot when progress is stalling, favour positions that minimize tearing and maximise blood flow to the uterus and thus minimize foetal distress and post partum impacts on the baby.

The aim is for you to be equipped with basic notions on how to help open the birth canal through maternal positioning. Births often run into trouble when the baby cannot make its way through some of the narrow parts of the birth canal, which is when drugs are often used to make contractions stronger. This often is simply pushing harder on a baby that is already stuck and being compressed in the pelvis. We then have to treat the new born to help relieve some of the compressions imprinted on their heads and bodies, which can impede feeding, sleep, postural and motor development etc. Better to open the pelvis and help baby out that way...

Partners have found this session to be tremendously useful as it gives them a very concrete and important job during labor, and helps mother's feel empowered with tools and knowledge going into childbirth.

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