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About Yvette


Certifications and Education

  • BSc. Honours in Biology from Carleton University

  • Certified Waldorf Early Childhood educator through the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy in British Columbia

  • Graduate of the HEART (Healing Education and Remedial Training) Program approved by the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto (recognized anthroposophical adult education centre in Canada) and AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools in North America)

  • Certified AIT (Auditory Integration training) practitioner

  • Certified Level 1 with Brain and Sensory Foundations

  • Certified Irlen screener through the Irlen Institute International

  • Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI) practitioner in training using cold laser and sound therapy to integrate primitive reflexes

  • Padovan therapist in training (method of reorganization of neural functions); completed levels 1, 2, 3, and 4

  • Trained with Dr. Blomberg’s Rhythmic Movements (BRMT) for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary education and completed RMT level 1 (ADHD), 2, 3 (Dyslexia) and 4 for Autism

  • Training with Dr Melilo Childhood Neurobehavioral Disorders online course. Dr Melilo is the founder of the Brain Balance Centers in the US.

  • Member of ANQ (Association Naturotherapeutre du Quebec).

Yvette Halpin has been working with children, from newborns to teens, for over 25 years to help them reach their greatest potential.  As a Waldorf early childhood educator for 20 years, Yvette learned that readiness for school requires much more than a child simply reaching the chronological age for school entry. It requires that a child reach a number of milestones of sensory-motor integration and neurological maturity, without which a child experiences social, physical, emotional and learning difficulties. A child diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, autism, dyslexia or other neurobehavioral disorders has also missed motor and sensory stages of development.

Child Development

Despite an increasing body of evidence to support the value of children reaching neuro-developmental milestones at the time of school entry, few schools conduct relevant assessments to determine whether they have. To address this gap, Yvette conducts neuro-developmental assessments for the child entering school as well as for children birth to 5 to detect any early sign of immaturity in the nervous system and for the older child 7 and over who may already be experiencing social, physical, emotional and learning difficulties.  Through her individualized Home Movement Program, Yvette then guides children and their families on how to integrate primitive reflexes, build core stability, develop sensory functions and balance their hemispheres, allowing them to achieve milestones which were not met.

As a certified developmental support practitioner who has made child development her life’s mission, Yvette works to re-educate children’s brains to address missed developmental stages through a tailored program of fun sensory and motor activities, which support the maturation of the central nervous system by creating neural circuits from the lower/primitive to the higher/mature cognitive centers of the brain. It is through this BOTTOM UP development that essential functions – such as the capacity to read, write, do math, speak, focus, self-regulate, delay gratification, pick up on social cues, empathizing – are further enabled.

Yvette's clients often work with osteopaths at Ottawa Family Osteopathy who work to ensure that the body doesn't carry blocages that hinder its capacity to reproduce with ease the movements prescribed by Yvette. They also work to release cranial tensions that can compress directly the nervous system, brain and often brain stem and hinder function. She also works with the Neuro-Physiotherapist, Amaal Mirani, to help with retraining eye function when this is found to be part of learning disabilities, and also helps to work on balancing the autonomic nervous system. All practitioners work as a coordinated team to achieve an optimal intervention and support system.


For further information you can visit her website

To book an assessment, call 819-459-2983 or email Yvette at



  • Worked as a Waldorf Early Childhood educator for 20 years

  • Has provided parenting workshops for the past 20 years

  •  For the last 8 years has been providing neurodevelopmental support for children with behavioral, physical and learning challenges

  • For the last 2.5 years has accompanied one on one children on the autism spectrum in a daycare setting.

  • Parent for 32 years

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