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About Robin



Training and Work Experience

Robin trained at the Collège D’Études Ostéopathiques in Montreal, Canada, which included over 4000 hours of courses in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, embryology, radiology, psychology, nutrition, professional ethics and osteopathic manual techniques, as well as the completion a clinical research  project (The Immediate Effects of Osteopathic Treatment on the Singing Voice). Before studying osteopathy she obtained a B.A. in Philosophy (Hon) from MgGill University in Montreal, Canada. In addition to her osteopathic and university studies, Robin has attended over 1000 hours of courses in related fields, including Shiatsu massage therapy, Life Coaching and Reiki. She has also completed a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher training and has taught hatha yoga classes. Her approach to healing has been shaped by a variety of thinkers, teachers and practices and is continually evolving.

Robin is fluently bilingual and comfortable offering services in both English and French.


Robin has been practicing osteopathy since 2007 and has practiced in many different settings around the world. She has extensive experience working with a large variety of clients, including athletes, dancers, military personnel, infants, children, teenagers, pregnant women, elderly people, trauma victims and people living with chronic pain/illness.

Her Approach

Robin aims to optimize her clients' unique alignment by removing various tensions, residual effects of injury/trauma and other restrictions from the body’s tissues. By doing so, she hopes to help their systems to find a more adapted way of operating. Osteopathy treatments can be demanding: the body may need to work hard to adjust to its new alignment and tension-balance.  Clients may feel slightly tired, sore, imbalanced or emotionally shaken immediately following an osteopathy treatment. But as the body gets used to its new alignment, these reactions fade and clients may experience the elimination or reduction of pain or tension, an increase in mobility or performance, feelings of deep calm and relaxation, emotional release and/or improvement in physiological function (breathing, digestion, elimination, etc.).

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Spondylolisthesis management

Orthodontic assistance or prevention

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